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Neroli, blossom of the bitter orange tree

By Lola,

Neroli oil is an essential oil extracted by steam distillation from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. Its sweet citrus scent is complex imparting notes of honey, green, spice and flowers. Anne Marie Orsini, Princess of Nerola, Italy, introduced the essence of bitter orange tree as a fashionable fragrance… View more..

Smell of Leather

By Lola,

The scent of leather is produced naturally using raw materials like birch tar, styrax, castoreum and rock rose. It is also often produced via the use of innovative lab molecules. View more..

Orchid, family of 28,000 species

By Lola,

The Orchid family (Orchidaceae) includes around 28,000 species of all shapes, colours and aromas. Some orchids are highly fragrant, many however (some 25%) are odourless. Those with fragrance emit a widely varied spectrum of nuances. Everything from coconut and raspberry to jasmine and cinnamon, not to mention some species with… View more..