Fragrance Design & Mixology Sessions / Every Saturday

“Fragrance is a powerful personal ritual… It is the right to see and to be seen in ways that are not made from words”

We cordially invite you to the ‘Chemistry of Oo’, a sensorial workshop hosted by Oo La Lab.

Deconstructing complex fine fragrances into their primary building blocks, Oo La Lab will share bold insights on how to create a personal scent wardrobe and craft your own ritual fragrance that will evoke character, mood & context.

Each session will be 60 minutes and attendees can take home a crafted 20ml Eau de Parfum of their own unique fragrance.


Duration: 60 minutes
Take-home: Crafted 20ml Eau de Parfum of your own unique fragrance.
Location: The Lab, ​DELTA HOUSE #02-04 2 Alexandra Road 159919 Singapore