27 Fragrance Notes – The Jasmine Flower

By : Lola

We dare say that a lot of people are big fans of the spirituous and seduction scent of Jasmine.


Ja or Jasmine, found in the heart of our fragrance table middle note is beyond sensual, romantic and seductive. There is more to the fragrance that finds itself as a key ingredient in some of the world’s most expensive perfumes. With 7.5 million flowers required to product only ONE kilogram of Jasmine perfume oil, it’s no wonder.


Growing to around 30 feet tall with white star-like flowers and dark green leaves, Jasmine is a climbing shrub home-grown to the mild regions of northern India and China. The name Jasmine comes from the Persian word ‘Yasmin’. It only liberates its glorious fragrance when the sun sets and the heat of the day is over.   

On top of that, it is also extremely hard to apprehend this rich, floral note in a perfume… With over 200 species of Jasmine, the most common of the shrub used in perfumery are Jasminum Grandiflorum, which translates to ‘Big-Flowered Jasmine’ – Chanel actually owns fields of this shrub in Grasse! Another precious member of the family is the Sambac Jasmine and Jasmine Officinale.