7 Days, 7 Ways – Perfume Layering

By : Lola

You might think that wearing a different perfume on any given day as over-curation, but layering is a novel way to create a perfume unique to you, that matches your wardrobe and your mood of the moment.

Fragrance layering is basically combining different perfume notes together on top of one another, to create an entirely new scent.

The key to layering is knowing which notes work together and how to subtly enhance them.

While there are no rules set in stone, choosing vastly different notes and mixing fragrances from different families can create new fragrances with exciting end results.

Dare to be different! Choose a strong signature perfume that you adore and push the boundaries by layering with specific notes that might add a new facet to your persona.

The results are limitless and while not everything blends with absolute harmony, it is the discovery and adventure in layering that makes this process so exciting. And who wants harmony all the time anyway?!

A creative outlet for would-be perfumers, a wardrobe enhancer for fashionistas or a personality playlist for the young and restless? You choose.

Experiment and layer according to your mood or the moment with Oo La Lab’s Layering Kit, a selection of 7 fragrance layering notes tapped into glass atomizer sprays.

Because Mondays weren’t meant to smell like Fridays.