🌸 🌼 How well do you know your FLORALS?? 🌻 💐 🌷

Hey what gal doesn’t like a floral aroma? How could we live life without the delicate, sweet, powdery, heavenly scents that flowers gift us? Oo La Lab has created a collection of 7 floral perfumes....

New Perfumes for Wo/men in 2022

There are 1,000s of new fragrance launches every year. How do we keep up?

The Modern Nose

The Modern Nose. It is a sad fact that our modern civilization is causing deterioration and decay of our sense of smell. 

Why use alcohol inside perfume?

Why use alcohol inside perfume? First of all, its important to know that the alcohol we use is denatured. This means its not drinking alcohol. 

These Perfume Boosters Will Change How You Wear Perfume Forever!

Got half bottles of perfume on your dresser? Maybe more than one? Me too. Did you know that you can layer your current perfumes to create a new and unique fragrance for any occasion? You...

Synaesthesia: Sony x Oo La Lab

Discover the scent of musicSony x Oo La Lab An online workshop where we break down the beat, 1 note at a time. In this phygital 1 night only sensorial extravaganza, join the Oo La...

Modern Society and the ‘Smellscape’

Modern Society and the ‘Smellscape’ It is a sad fact that most urban societies do not record or protect their smellscapes.

Where do smells come from?

Where do smells come from? Or put in another way, 'How do you make smells?' Broadly the origins of smells can be broken down into a few key categories

Learn some Smelling Techniques

Our noses, as powerful as they are, can also easily become tired and oversaturated, meaning we need to approach smelling sessions with some caution and advanced planning. Many master perfumers (with the luxury of time...