Bust Boredom with Mood, Memory & Emotion

By : Lola

There are some pretty outrageous ways COVID-19 (and the internet) has shown the world how we can cope with boredom in the 21st century.
Sometimes we are surviving – think domestic goddess duties such as baking. Or failing at it hilariously. And sometimes we just danced it away on our Tik Toks. 
Other times we are actually thriving, improving on our hobby such as indoor gardening. We’ve also seen nature coming back to life. Deserted beaches due to Covid-19 in Thailand, Brazil and Malaysia saw hundreds of endangered sea turtles laying and hatching their eggs. What a beauty…

Lucky for us at Oo La Lab, playing around with fragrances and formulas never gets boring. Tapping into your sense of smell is like being pulled into your own personalized vortex of memory and emotion. It’s a direct neural freeway to who you really are made of inside!

Celebrate memories and emotions with the ultimate fragrance mixology kit. 1000s of formulas to create, 100s of hours of entertainment.

Craft your own mood with the Oo La Lab Mixology Kit.