Will Smell Ever Come to Smartphones?

newyorker: Leaving aside the inglorious examples of Smell-O-Vision and other attempts to project odor in a cinematic context, the past quarter century of e-smell enterprises forms a litany of failure. In 1999, for instance, the DigiScents iSmell, a USB-connected scent synthesizer, elicited twenty million dollars in venture-capital funding and was…

By Lola

Do you FU?

Eau de Parfum by Oo La Lab for People
  Fougère. Pronounced fu-jer. A wide class of fragrances, built on a combination of lavender, coumarin and oakmoss. Fougère fragrances can be expressed further with citrus, green, floral and spicy notes. Fougère means 'fern' in French, however ferns are not used in perfumery.

By Lola