Oud: By Any Other Name

Oud: By Any Other Name

Oud, also known as Agarwood, is referred to by various names around the world. How many do you know?

  1. Oud (عود) - Arabic (Middle East)
  2. Agarwood - English (Global)
  3. Aloeswood - English (China)
  4. Gaharu - Indonesian and Malaysian
  5. Jinkoh (沈香) - Japanese
  6. Chen Xiang (沉香) - Chinese (Mandarin)
  7. Eaglewood - English (India)
  8. Lignum Aloes or Lignum Aquilariae - Latin
  9. Mai Ketsana (ไม้เกษรา) - Thai
  10. Calambac or Calambour - Filipino (Philippines)
  11. Oudh or Oudh Hindi (अगरवुड) - Hindi (India)
  12. Aquilaria - Indonesian

These names reflect the rich cultural and historical significance of this precious and aromatic resinous wood, respected, recognised and adored by so many


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