By : Lola


Floral, a note found at the heart of almost every perfume, is intoxicating and romantic. Florals can either be ‘soliflores’, notes capturing the scents of a particular flower or ‘bouquets’, a blend of different floral notes. 

Floral notes are popular with perfumers, with the most loved being Jasmine and Rose. The iconic Chanel No.5 is a blend of florals including ylang ylang, rose, iris, neroli and vanilla, evoking elegance when one wears it. 

Floral notes are always changing and new ones are being introduced frequently. Traditionally, florals give an impression of being feminine and sweet. However, perfumes on the market these days blend together unique botanicals to give consumers a fresh new take on florals. No longer do they smell sweet and old fashioned, new floral fragrances now blend mystery in them! Whether you prefer something sweet and subtle or sexy and alluring, florals are versatile enough floral for anyone!