Labels of Love

By : Lola

LABELS OF LOVE – Moving into the end of the first half of 2020, we usher in Pride Month. This year, the celebration will take on a new complexion. Still a time to spread ideas and carry out conversations on freedom, love and expression…but this time (mostly) through our screens.

The phrase ‘gender fluidity’ is no longer foreign in 2020, especially among the generation who are coming of age amid social media and greater expressions of gender equality. From bi-romantic, pansexual and transgender to, non-binary and bear; the growing list of sexually-persuaded descriptors has made the identification of gender based on social norms rather confusing. With that, you are not alone if you’re not entirely sure what gender fluidity means.

According to Wikipedia: “Genderfluid people often express a desire to remain flexible about their gender identity rather than committing to a single definition. A genderfluid individual may also identify as bigender – shifting between masculine and feminine; or as trigender – shifting between these and a third gender.”



So, who will identify themselves as genderfluid?

Simply put, a gender fluid person is someone whose gender can move fluidly along the spectrum from masculine to feminine, where the concept of the gender may fluctuate across time and space.

In a world where the status quo continually pushes us to choose a box to fit inside, gender fluidity provides a refreshing freedom into which we can escape and revel in this opportunity to celebrate humankind – not as a one-sided gender, but as a complete & genderless whole.

The history of perfume has brutally divided men and women into categories, but slowly, as art and cultural expression reflect life, so too genderless expressions of fragrance – beyond the hype of smart marketing – have started to emerge.

Let us then explore and continue on this conversation on gender fluidity in this coming month at home with our Oo La Lab’s annual ‘No Labels’ Campaign. 


With Oo La Lab’s highly curated Mixology Kit, we encourage you to channel freedom on your own terms, to create your own fluid fragrances making use of 12 included notes to craft up to 9 formulas! 

Channel your inner expression and let’s go beyond labels. 

“No Labels” campaign stickers included with every order during Pride Month.