Love Potions and Atomospheric Spells

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….or is it the NOSE?

  • Musk (Mu), originally drawn from the anal gland of a deer, the quintessential ‘animalic’ note.
  • Historically did too smell a bit like poo, too unrefined for today’s tastes, but no denying this primitive market of a time gone by.
  • These days Musk (Mu) is created in a lab, so Bambi’s butt is free to frollick on the hillsides once more.
  • Musk (Mu) provides a wonderful back note to many amorous fragrance combinations. Guys try a combo of Musk & Rose (Mu + Ro). Gals try a combo of Musk & Chypre (Mu + Cy)