Nutmeg, sweet…spicy…psychedelic

By : Lola



Nutmeg possesses a sweet, spicy, woody odour profile.

The essential oil obtained by steam distillation of ground nutmeg is used widely in perfumery.

Nutmeg, during the Middle Ages was known as a valuable commodity by Muslim sailors from the port of Basra traded and sold to the Venetians for high prices.

Peter Stafford’s Psychedelics Encyclopedia quotes an 1883 report from Mumbai noting that “the Hindus of West India take nutmeg as an intoxicant”, and records that the spice has been used for centuries as a form of snuff in rural eastern Indonesia and India. In 1829, the Czech physiologist Jan Evangelista Purkinje ingested three ground nutmegs with a glass of wine and recorded headaches, nausea, hallucinations, and a sense of euphoria that lasted for several days.