By : Lola

A smell for all things summer? Ozone is just that. A fresh and invigorating note that sums up your care-free summer holiday. 

Ozone encapsulates the smell of beach waves, mountain breezes and a summer thunderstorm where plant life comes out to play. A relatively new note on the market, ‘ozone’ as a fragrance family was introduced only in 1988. This largely synthetic category of ingredients carries androgynous properties, making it a popular note in perfumes for both genders. Davidoff ‘Cool Water’ and Christian Dior’s ‘Dune’ are some examples of the first ozonic fragrances released in the market. 

This versatile note blends well with floral, oriental or woody fragrances, bringing a mix of smells that are reminiscent of the freedom of the outdoors. Gentle yet alluring, ozonic perfumes are prime wearing for any occasion.