About Us

“Fragrance is a powerful personal ritual. It is a right to feel in ways that are not made from words…”

ABOUT OO LA LAB | Fragrance Design & Mixology Services 

Oo La Lab is a craft fragrance lab where individuals can experiment, create and discover a personal scent wardrobe that uniquely speaks to them. Specialists in the chemistry of emotion, Oo La Lab is democratizing the fragrance industry by translating the art and science of perfumery into a ritual of self-expression. 

Distilled into an artistic palette of 27 fragrance notes, Oo La Lab mixologists showcase how to design formulas and ‘build, mix and pour’ handcrafted signature scents; an immersive and revealing process for those who want to develop their own olfactory profile. 


Founded in 2016 by Artisan Perfumer and Creative Director Terry Jacobson (a.k.a. Dan Terry), Oo La has established labs in Singapore and Dubai offering sensorial mixology workshops and a range of crafted fragrance products including oils, diffusers, candles and mixology sets. 

All ingredients are cruelty free and created from sustainably sourced materials. To guarantee the highest quality, raw materials are stored in small batches and each fragrance is handmade to order. 

All products and mixology workshops can be booked and purchased online

  “Craft it. Pour it. Name it. Own it” and discover your Oo La.