Gift Set: Material Things


Skins caress; symbols of taboo, chastity, class, conformity and rebellion. Material Things is a collection of 10 fine fragrances promising a truly unique expression for the wearer. Each piece is an historical exploration and creative expression of the fabrics of fashion.

Adding to the limited-release collection of 2017, which was introduced at Singapore Fashion Week, Oo La Lab is proud to reveal four new exquisitely appointed fragrances: Vinyl, PVC, Nylon and Chrome. These street fashion inspired fragrances are an edgier twist on the more contemporary fabrics of the existing Collection, which include Cotton, Lace, Velvet, Cashmere, Silk & Suede.

Included in this Gift Set, choose 7 x 3ml:

Chrome (3ml)
Nylon (3ml)
PVC (3ml)
Vinyl (3ml)
Suede (3ml)
Lace (3ml)
Silk (3ml)
Cotton (3ml)
Cashmere (3ml)
Velvet (3ml)

All fragrances are also available in 50ml Eau de Parfum


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