NO LABELS Fragrance Design Online Sessions

Session Details:

1 Hour Live Fragrance Design Workshop with your very own Mixology Kit or Mini Mixology Kit delivered to your home

Venue: Anywhere you prefer, just log onto our curated live streaming code.

Take-home: Each participant will be able to craft their own unique fragrance with a Mixology Kit or Mini Mixology Kit along with a complimentary Material Things EDP Sampler and No Labels limited-edition sticker.



–     17th June,  Thursday (6:30pm to 8pm)

–     26th June,  Saturday  (2:30pm to 4pm)

United Arab Emirates:

–    17th June,  Thursday (2:30pm to 4pm)

–    26th June,  Saturday  (10:30am to 12pm)

Booking Details

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