Sick Scents presents – Pinkachu


Sick Scents is a collaboration between Oo La Lab and artist Steve Lawler AKA Mojoko.

7 individual and highly unique pieces available in this limited edition collection.


About the Work:

Singapore multimedia artist Mojoko has applied his famed signature style of fusing the traditional and modern to perfume making. In Sick Scents, he explores what happens when hyper pop culture collides with fragrance.

Mojoko has collaborated with Oo La Lab to create a series of seven fragrances, all inspired by contemporary Asia. The artist has also created bespoke packaging and a series of artworks inspired by those fragrances exploring the links between sight, smell and memories.

The result is a collection of seven distinct and unique fragrances, all inspired by contemporary Asia, mixing traditional scents such as Rose oil and Mandarin with unexpected modern scents such as bubble gum and Cola. Each of the 7 pieces represent its own visual mash-up of vintage photos, anime and Asia script, each crafted fragrance has been handpoured into its own medicinal bottle.


About the Artist:

Mojoko is a British Artist raised in Hong Kong and educated in Europe. After attending the prestigious FABRICA art residency he ascended through the creative industry as an artist and interactive designer. His work is an exploration of Trash Pop culture colliding with the Old & historical, mixing media such as computer programming, digital sculpture, painting and printmaking. His works have been showcased around the world at various Institutions and independent galleries.

Reacting to the bombardment of images of today’s visual culture, his portfolio is a concoction of all things multidisciplinary; he works between new media, sculpture, screen print, and collage to create stunning visual arrangements that play with the concepts of consumerism.

  • TOP
    • Pheromone
    • White Flowers
  • BASE
    • Bubblegum
    • Amber


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