scents associated with the signs

By : Lola


Aries: carnations, tobacco, amber, rain, pepper

Taurus: violet, vanilla, rose, a diner, the fireplace

Gemini: grapefruit, spearmint, almond, freshly mowed grass

Cancer: sugar, the ocean, jasmine, blossoms, freshly baked cookies

Leo: cinnamon, coconut, a new book, hairspray, watermelon

Virgo: a fresh cup of coffee, lilac, an old library, a garden

Libra: lemon, basill, sweat pea, lip gloss, pumpkin

Scorpio: chocolate, lotus, blackberry, chanel perfume

Sagittarius: fresh air, pears, nutmeg, apples, tree bark

Capricorn: hot tea, soil, an old attic, peonies, cherry

Aquarius: licorice, fresh citrus, cedarwood, orchids in bloom

Pisces: mangos, paint, candied apples, cotton, funnel cake