“Fragrance is a powerful personal ritual. It is a right to feel in ways that are not made from words..."


25 fragrance notes. Endless mixology...
Ci Citrus
Combines juicy notes of lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, yuzu and other citrus oils.
Al Aldehyde
Aldehydes may be likened to the sparkling effect of peeling back a citrus rind. May also be fruity or floral in character depending on the type of Aldehyde used. Synthesised in a lab, these aroma molecules play an important role in modern perfumery
Aq Aquatic
Drawn largely from an artistic palette of molecules developed in the lab, Aquatic notes provide a watery, fresh and ‘marine’ character. Some natural aquatic notes include bamboo and algae
Oz Ozone
Ozone, salt and moss conure the smell of fresh air right after a thunderstorm
Fr Fruity
Juicy red fruits with aspects of pineapple, cassis & berries. Bright and sweet
Pe Peach
Ripe fruity and sweet peach with aspects of melon and apricot
Te Tea
Fresh green mate tea leaves
Gr Green
Conjure green tea leaves, grass and fresh herbs. Add freshness. Green tea leaves, green grass, fresh herbs, vines and leafy scents give these fragrances a clean, natural aspect.
Ar Aromatic
Aromatic notes are usually combined of sage, rosemary, cumin, lavender and other herbaceous plants which possess a very intensive grass-spicy scent
Fl Floral
This largest fragrant group encompasses numerous versions of compositions with a floral heart: freshly picked flowers, flowers with aquatic, green or powdery nuances, as well as floral-aldehyde, floral-fruity and gourmand compositions. The most wide-spread fragrance family, often forming the heart ontop of which more complex fragrance arrangements are built. Can be either single floral notes (called Soliflores) or floral bouquets. Floral scents range from delicate combinations to strong and heady florals.
Mg Muguet
Green floral aroma with a clean and bright appeal. (French for Lily of the Valley)
Vi Violet
Sweet floral with powdery and wood aspects
Wf White Flowers
Tuberose, ylang, rose and lily create a narcotic floral arrangement
Ja Jasmine
Highly recognisable white floral scent, sweet and heady
Ro Rose
Fresh with powdery and fruity aspects. One of the main flower notes used in perfumery
Os Orris
From the Iris root, powdery, slightly cosmetic and startchy, somewhat reminiscent of violet
Sp Spicy
Piquant notes of coriander, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon which impart a hot, warm character
Le Leather
Rich, animalic and sensual with hints of smoke and saffran
Or Oriental
In perfumery, ‘Oriental’ refers to perfumes which contain ingredients originating in the East [i.e. in the Orient], including spices, vanilla, tea, incense, amber resin, musk and precious woods. Oriental compositions are often associated with exotic floral and spicy scents.
Va Vanilla
Vanilla is derived from the seed pod of the vanilla orchid, a flowering vine which is native to Mexico (although most of the vanilla available today comes from Madagascar).
Go Gourmande
Edible notes of pineapple, vanilla and caramel
Am Amber
Resinous tree sap includes frankincense and rockrose, imparts a warm, musky-sweet and earthy feel
Wo Woody
Conjuring earthy tones, Woody scents are built on ingredients such as patchouli, sandalwood and amber. Often combined with fresh citrus, or the spices and resins of Oriental* ingredients for a deeper impression (*Oriental means ingredients that originated in the East).
Od Oud
Resinous wood from the Agar tree, found mostly in Southeast Asia. Rich, musty and highly prized ingredient
Mu Musk
Animalic, warm and sensous, musk is the king of base notes


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