🌸 🌼 How well do you know your FLORALS?? 🌻 💐 🌷

🌸 🌼  How well do you know your FLORALS?? 🌻 💐 🌷

Hey what gal doesn’t like a floral aroma? How could we live life without the delicate, sweet, powdery, heavenly scents that flowers gift us?

Oo La Lab has created a collection of 7 floral perfumes. Wear each as a single expression or layer them to accentuate the fragrances and body products that you already own at home!

  1. Muguet, also known as Lily of the Valley. Not to be confused with Lily which is a white floral, Muguet is a softer, slightly sweet and green fragrance.

  2. White Flowers, can be heady and powerful, thus often referred to their narcotic effect. Typical white flowers include Jasmine.

  3. Floral, because there are sooooo many flowers out there. From soft to bold, powdery to sweet, animalic to spicy, where would perfumery be without these delicate expressions of nature?! Our floral creation is thus inspired by a modern flower shop! Its an easy and long lasting wear. Super fresh, clean and girly!

  4. Jasmine, the queen of the night so called because it blooms after dark to soak up the night air. This exotic queen has an animalic side and we wanted to push this character while keeping the scent young and fresh.

  5. Rose, by any other name or so the saying goes. The symbol of romance, an iconic and highly recognisable aroma. Our rose perfume is true to the original, using expensive and sustainable natural rose, this rose is fruity and bold. Wear it and you will be certain to stand out from the thorns!

  6. Violet, oh violet, another recognisable flower also highly prized in cooking and confectionary. Slightly sweet, slightly powdery, a symbol of aristocrats and soft skin. You wear this for yourself!

  7. Orris, papery and a tad starchy, super unisex, wear Orris and you will never be too sweet.

Oo La Lab has got you covered. You can actually sample this entire collection of florals with the Floral Discovery Set 


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