Case Study: Unilever x Oo La Lab


Hosting Tailored Fragrance Trainings for Unilever Brand Managers


  • Oo La Lab designed a customized workshop for staff training to cover Unilever’s specific educational needs
  • Delivery of 2 consecutive masterclasses to around 80 regional brand managers
  • The training opened up discussions to hose further trainings with other regional Unilever offices globally



Unilever is a multinational fast-moving consumer goods company and manufacturer of global Beauty & Wellbeing, Personal Care, and Home Care brands. With a renewed focus on its beauty industry products, Unilever identified a need to  upskill their regional brand managers in the language of perfumery, allowing them to develop competency in the skills of creative product development and briefing in to producers. Unilever approached Oo La Lab to support this educational need.


Oo La Lab delivered 2 consecutive masterclasses to around 80 regional brand managers who flew into Singapore for the masterclass.

Hosted by seasoned perfumer Terry Jacobson, CEO and Founder of Oo La Lab, the half-day experience aimed to train brand managers on fragrance briefing into suppliers. Terry brings 20 years of experience in perfumery, having built leading fragrance experiences and scent marketing agencies such as Allsense, Top Middle Base, and the Oo La Lab brand.

The training covered the language of fragrance and the biology behind its connection to mood, memory, and emotion. The session concluded with a practical exercise where participants built and tested their own fragrance formulas.

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