Hedione, for blooming floralcy

Hedione, for blooming floralcy 

Hedione (methyl dihydrojasmonate) is arguably the most famous and widely-used synthetic jasmine substitute. It can be described as a “transparent jasmine” with a luminous, green, floral scent.

Well regarded as a tool to develop a beautiful natural smoothness and radiance in a wide range of perfumistic creations. Besides for its obvious use in the floral family, it imparts original effects across many fragrance types. 

Hedione has also been found to activate a specific area of the hypothalamus in women which is known to promote sexual responsiveness by flooding the body with sex hormones – some regarding it as an aphrodisiac.


The Aroma Chemical Brothers

Hedione, for blooming floralcy

Bacdanol for creamy sandalwood note

Iso E Super for long-lasting woody note

Dihydromyrcenol for citrus and green tea

Helional for aquatic, ozone note

Galaxolide for clean white musk

Aldehyde C-18 for coconut

Benzyl salicylate for Orchid note

Coumarin for Tonka bean note

Ambroxan for ambergris note

Beta Pinene for forest fresh effect

Buccoxime for blackcurrant juicy effect

Evernyl for Oakmoss