The Aroma Chemical Brothers

Aroma Chemicals

The Aroma Chemical Brothers

13 Ingredients that we find in every or every other perfume. We cannot ignore you any longer. Herewith we present 13 new ingredients for use in our advanced sessions. 

A drop here, a dash there; these anti-heroes of modern day perfumery have the ability to add boldness and longevity to your creations.

Now availble in lab. Discover at your pleasure.

Hedione, for blooming floralcy

Bacdanol for creamy sandalwood note

Iso E Super for long-lasting woody note

Dihydromyrcenol for citrus and green tea

Helional for aquatic, ozone note

Galaxolide for clean white musk

Aldehyde C-18 for coconut

Benzyl salicylate for Orchid note

Coumarin for Tonka bean note

Ambroxan for ambergris note

Beta Pinene for forest fresh effect

Buccoxime for blackcurrant juicy effect

Evernyl for Oakmoss